Kremlin spokesperson admits to “significant” Russian troop losses in Ukraine

CNN has geolocated a current video that seems to point out the execution of a Russian prisoner by Ukrainian forces following current combating within the Kyiv area.

The video — first verified by the New York Occasions — exhibits a gaggle of troopers with Ukrainian patches and blue arm bands on a highway following a firefight. The our bodies of a minimum of 4 males in Russian uniform are mendacity on the pavement. Three of them have head wounds and blood is pooled across the physique of a fourth, who has a jacket pulled over his head and appears to be rasping.

“He is nonetheless alive,” says one man, in Russian. “He is gasping.”

A soldier factors a rifle and fires two photographs on the physique, pauses, then fires one other. The physique stops transferring.

An individual narrating to the digital camera then turns to movie a Russian infantry combating automobile with a “V” marking much like that seen on Russian army {hardware} operated by many models in Ukraine. “Somewhat trophy,” the person says.

Somebody off digital camera says, “Slava Ukrayini!” — glory to Ukraine, a patriotic greeting, and a bearded man steps within the body and replies, “Glory the heroes,” the usual reply.

The precise time and date of the video, which appeared on a pro-Russian Telegram channel, is unclear. The situation of the video matches that of a video revealed on . by Ukraine’s Ministry of Protection. That video, posted on April 2, exhibits a blasted Russian armored column. “Handiwork of Ukrainian defenders within the Kyiv area,” the caption reads.

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